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These notes are to remember Carlos Yanes, who died in 2008, and all of the stories he left behind.

Juan Yanes, a businessman, who came to La Palma from Tacoronte, founded a company for the transportation of passengers and goods between the island and places like Cuba. When he died, the company took the name HIJOS DE JUAN YANES S.L and belonged to his widow and sons.


To the calm and harmony of the island, add attractive recognized as the Astrophysical Observatory of the Roque de Los Muchachos (the largest in the northern hemisphere), the National Park Caldera de Taburiente and the Bois of los Tilos, declared Biosphere Reserve "by UNESCO, which, together with roads, trails, small black sand beaches and a sum of contrasts, from the greenness of its mountains and plenty of water to its rugged volcanic aspect (marked by old eruptions, lavas and dykes ) are the unique setting that you want to spend an unforgettable vacation.


Throughout the second half of the 19th century, economic and social relations with the West Indies and Cuba made it possible for many people from the island, like Mr. Manuel  Yanes Volcan and his family, to benefit from trade. His wife, Emilia Carrillo Massieu, owned a piece of land in the Risco de la Concepción where her parents built a small house. Its  heritage includes a mockup and plans of the ship "La Verdad",  which were donated to the San Francisco Museum. A picture of “ La Verdad “ decorates the main hall of the House. Juan Yanes was president of the local Liberal and Conservative Party and owner of the building that housed the old Institute of Education on Calle Real St. He was consul of France in La Palma and, in one of his trips to Paris, he fell in love with the facade of the embassy of Siam. He was so fascinated by it that he compiled the project plans in order to adapt them to the house of  El Risco, which was finished in 1894. Three towers were built, gardens and fountains, and all materials (ironworks, tiles, glass, tiles, crockery, cutlery, paintings and furniture) were imported directly from France.


The current Casa Yanes, which was built in El Risco, was never quite finished. Due to the conditions of the land, a basement was built with wine cellar and restrooms and the second floor was never finished.
There is evidence that works were stopped in 1906, a month before the visit of the Alfonso 13th, King of Spain, who dined at the “Quinta de Buenavista“ with different personalities from the island.

This house was inherited by D. Armando Yanes Carrillo, a shipbuilder and owner of a shipyard where important vessels were built, including his own boat, called “Benahoare”. After his death the shipyard was inherited by his son D. Carlos Yanes Carrillo and in 2005 his sons and relatives gave it the name “CARLOS YANES E HIJOs S.L, whose aim  is its rehabilitation as “ Hotel Buenavista “, a project led by his son-in-law Gabriel Henriquez Perez. At present, six cottages are available for rent. The main house has been restored, with its terraces and gardens for wedding celebrations, cultural and all kinds of events.

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